Board Committees

The Board of Directors of Touchstone (the “Board”) has established an Audit Committee, a Compensation and Governance Committee, a Health, Safety, Social and Environment Committee and a Reserves Committee to assist in the discharge of its duties. All of the committees are comprised of unrelated directors and report to the Board of Directors of Touchstone.


Audit Committee

Members: Stanley T. Smith (Chairman), Kenneth R. McKinnon and Peter Nicol, all of whom are considered independent and financially literate directors.

The Audit Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by ensuring the integrity and completeness of the financial reports and other financial information provided to shareholders and regulatory bodies, reviewing Touchstone’s systems of internal controls regarding preparation of those financial statements and related disclosures that management and the Board have established, ensuring compliance with accounting and finance based legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring the independence of the external auditor, reviewing  Touchstone’s accounting and financial reporting systems and procedures, and recommending, for Board approval, the annual and quarterly financial statements and other mandatory releases containing financial information.

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Compensation and Governance Committee

Members: Kenneth R. McKinnon (Chairman), Stanley T. Smith, Dr. Harrie Vredenburg, and  Beverley Smith, all of whom are independent directors.

The Compensation and Governance Committee is responsible for assisting the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by reviewing and evaluating matters relating to overall human resource policies and procedures, compensation of the directors, officers and employees of Touchstone in the context of the budget and business plan of the Company, and developing and reviewing Touchstone’s approach to corporate governance matters.

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Health, Safety, Social and  Environment Committee

Members: Beverley Smith (Chairman), Thomas Valentine, and Dr. Harrie Vredenburg, all whom are independent directors.

The Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Committee’s responsibilities include reviewing, recommending, and monitoring the adequacy of the Company’s health, safety, social and environmental policies, practices and programs including climate related issues and sustainability. This is accomplished through reviewing, reporting and recommending to the Board regarding the development and implementation of the policies, standards and practices of the Company on health, safety, social and environmental matters, and assisting directors in meeting their responsibilities to the Company in satisfying its legal, industry and community obligations pertaining to these matters.

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Reserves Committee

Members: Peter Nicol (Chairman), Dr. Harrie Vredenburg,  John D. Wright , and Beverley Smith.

The Reserves Committee assists the Board in the selection, engagement and instruction of an independent reserves evaluator for Touchstone, ensuring there is a process in place to provide all relevant reserves data to the independent reserves evaluator and monitoring and reviewing the annual independent reserves evaluation of Touchstone and any other independent reserves evaluations prepared for Touchstone.

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