AIM Rule 26

Description of the business: see Company Overview.
Directors' biographies: see Directors' Biographies.
Board committees: see Board Committees.
Details of incorporation: Touchstone Exploration Inc. is incorporated in Canada under the Alberta Business Corporations Act with registered number 2020127763. As the Company is incorporated in Canada, shareholders' rights may be different from the rights of shareholders in a UK incorporated company. Touchstone is an oil and gas exploration and production company currently active in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
Constitutional documents: Please view our By-law No. 1.
Details of any other exchanges or trading platforms: The company's common shares are dual listed on the Toronto Stock exchange (TSX) and the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the symbol "TXP".
The number of securities in issue:
  • 103,137,143 common shares of no par value, under the ticker TXP.
  • No shares are held in treasury.
Significant shareholders:
Name Number of common shares held Percentage of issued share capital
Polar Asset Management Partners Inc. 14,719,000 14.3
John David Wright 4,745,027 4.6
North Energy Capital AS 5,300,000 5.1
Last updated October 12th, 2017
  • 20.6% of shares are not in public hands.
  • Rule 17 of the AIM Rules requires, inter alia, that shareholders notify an AIM listed company once their holding is three percent or more, and changes thereto.
Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities: All common shares being issued by the Company pursuant to the UK placement are freely transferable outside of Canada; however these shares are subject to a four-month restricted hold period in Canada which prevents such common shares from being resold in Canada, through a Canadian exchange or otherwise, during the restricted period (June 26, 2017 to October 27, 2017) without an exemption from the Canadian prospectus requirement.
Annual and interim reports: see Reports & Filings.
Company announcements: see News.
Admission document and circulars: Please view our AIM Admission Document and our May 16, 2017 Management Information Circular.
UK City Code on takeovers and mergers: The Company is not resident in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and is therefore not subject to the City Code. However, Canadian laws applicable to the Company provide for early warning disclosure requirements and for takeover bid rules for bids made to security holders in various jurisdictions in Canada, a summary of which is set out in the Admission Document.
Advisors: see Advisors.
Corporate governance: see Corporate Responsibility.
Reserves: see the December 31, 2016 Competent Person's Report.