Touchstone is well financed with a strong asset base and a proven long term strategy of value creation.

Analyst Coverage

The following financial analysts currently cover Touchstone Exploration Inc. You are encouraged to contact any of the analysts directly to get their reports, price targets and latest projections. Touchstone is not responsible for the analysts’ projections, all of which are independent of Touchstone's input. Touchstone does not endorse any analyst’s projections, which are proprietary solely to that analyst and are subject to change at any time. It is Touchstone's policy not to distribute any analyst report written on the Company.

Canaccord Genuity 

Kim Hedlin, Research Associate

(403) 508-3854

First Energy Capital

Darren Engels, Director of Institutional Research

(403) 262-0689

Mackie Research Capital Corporation

Bill Newman, Oil & Gas Analyst

(403) 260-2460